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"These words will bring rebirth to your dreams. Revisit them often and believe:  This life is not just about living, it's about following your hearts." - Debbi Fields of Mrs. Fields Cookies

"Amy has really spoken to my heart and I immediately felt that "she gets me”. I too started out from humble beginnings. As a newlywed my husband and I didn’t have any extra money for home decor. It became a necessity to rework what I found or what was given to me and incorporate it in my own home decor. I appreciate her story and for striking a chord within me." - Vicki, 2 Bees in Pod

ad Besides being gifted creatively, Amy Howard is an intelligent business woman. In her book, A Maker's Guide, Amy says, "Embracing your talents is accepting the gift of opportunity... Taking this opportunity to heart requires courage...Singers want to sing, painters want to paint, and teachers want to teach. The most unnatural path in life is to not do what you were made to do." I love this book. It's the perfect business guide for creatives. It's full of practical information alongside beautiful images - perfect for communicating to those who are visually driven. Amy's conversational style is refreshing, and you'll be encouraged after you're done. I'll be referencing this book again and again!" - Sara D., Sincerely Sara D

""If you have a dream and a passion to create and want to make a business of out it, this is a good guide to follow. Amy shares ideas and ways to make a dream become a reality. She covers time management, long-term planning, developing a business plan, becoming a brand, collaborating, building up a team and so much more in "A Maker's Guide". Coming from an expert, it is great information! I have taken a step back from the some of my business approaches and have made many changes. This is highly recommended! - Darleen Meier, Darling Darleen



"I'm currently on Page 84 - Business Plan. It's been very thought-provoking for me. I've made several notes just today regarding my deepest passion, what I can do better than others, what drives my economic engine and what will propel my profits. I love taking Sunday afternoons like today to collect my thoughts and prepare for the upcoming week. Amy's book has been a great resource in getting me charged up." -Susan Penning of Living Rich on Less

"After having the opportunity to meet Amy Howard and hear her speak, this book was at the top of my must-read list. Amy is a unique blend; a talented artist as well as a savvy business woman who has figured out how to monetize her passion. Just as I hoped, her book is a road map for other creatives like myself in pursuit of the same goal. Not only does Amy encourage each "maker" to identify his/her passion and unique gifting, she has practical tips for time management and goal setting that will help anyone to be a good steward of both time and money. Amy's words of wisdom of interspersed with gorgeous photos and personal stories to help you along in your journey. When I sit down with the book, I can hear her saying the words to me, as if I were chatting over coffee with a dear friend." - Amy Latta, One Artsy Mama

"I was given A Maker's Guide at the Haven conference this year--and I started reading it on the plane home. I was so impressed! Amy writes about her career and gives you guidance on what to do if you want to make a career as a "maker"--any creative person, really. 

As a professional lifestyle blogger and Etsy store owner, I know all about wanting to make a living with your passion. Amy's suggestions are practical and encouraging, she gives you checklists, makes you think through critical points of your career (What is your ultimate goal?), and the books is full of inspirational quotes. I know I'm going to gift this book to several of my writer and artist friends." - Dagmar Bleasdale, Dagmar's Home


"I was thrilled to have met Amy Howard in person this summer at the Haven DIY Blogging Conference where we received a copy of her book. A Maker's Guide is well written with exquisite photography.   It reads as if Amy is right there in the room speaking with you and captures her personality, enthusiasm and passion for making things beautiful.  The chapters are organized in sections that cover a makers journey, the readers journey, in perusing a creative dream to building a bonafide creative business. Even though I've built a successful business of my own in the past, building a creative business with my own work and talents as the product is new to me.  In each chapter, I found useful information that made me stop and think as well as new ways of approaching a task that would help me move forward towards the goals I've set for myself and my business.  This is a book I will read again in six months, and again in the next six months, and know that I will still learn and takeaway something new and useful each time.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who is turning their passion for creativity into a business or who has already begun their journey and wants to a tool to assist them in their road to success." -Wendi Wachtel, H2O Bungalow