Our Blue Ocean Strategy


Set out to conquor.

Every next phase of your journey and growth should be an extension of your original dream. Likewise, every new extension of your dream should compliment your prior mission. The mission you have been working towards and the successes you have experienced up to this point should be an obvious catalyst towards establishing your Blue Ocean Strategy.

Authors and professors Renee Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim co-wrote Blue Ocean Strategy. In this decade-long study, researchers focused their attention on the top 30 performing business within their industry to uncover what aspects have set them apart from the rest of the competition.

Through their results, we have learned that making your mission incontestable isn’t something that can happen early on. Incontestability, also named your Blue ocean strategy, can only be uncovered after dedicating years of focus on the market and competition.

Unmatched standing is born out of an intentional move to focus all of your choices towards what you are in business to do, the individuality of your mission.

Remember the discussion we had on finding your hedgehog? Your Blue Ocean Strategy is built on this very revelation. Within your mission, you have aspects of your business that set you apart from everyone else. These are the things in which you are and have always been known and therefore remembered for. This is where your Blue Ocean strategy derives.

The inclination and power to master a certain aspect of your trade is the wave that takes your mission to open incontestable waters.


Where are you strongest in your business?
What niche do you have within your market that no one else can contest?
What is it that you are known for everywhere you go?

Within these answers, you have the makings of something great.


As we watched the market shift and basically spit us out after years of sacrifice and growth, we felt a little lost and bewildered. I knew that folding wasn’t an option, after all, we hadn’t worked this hard and come this far for nothing. But I wasn’t sure where to take our business next.

I will never forget the night we sat down with our dear friends Mike and Debbi Rose of Mrs. Fields Cookies. It felt like providence’s provision as they coached us through the process of not just surviving, but making a mark on our market like we never dreamed.

Our Blue Ocean Strategy was found in what we loved & knew the most within our mission--our finishes. Throughout my career, the Amy Howard at Home finishes have always been the one thing that has carried my passion through all the growth and change. These finishes have always set us apart and above all other competitors in our industry. We were going to make history with our finishes!

Within the last few pages of A Maker’s Guide, I tell of our move from luxury furniture manufacturers to teachers and providers of the finishes. I hope you will have a chance to read about our journey, but for the rest of today, I want to focus on you. Do you have an idea of what your “blue ocean strategy” could be? Is it a compliment or continuation of your current mission? Where does it fit into what you are currently known for?

Depending on what phase of your journey you are in, you may or may not have those answers as of yet. No matter the answer, your blue ocean strategy will be born in your mastery. That is which you have found yourself dedication those 10,000+ hours towards will reveal where you can be set apart into incontestability! Write this phase of your journey into your long-term plans, dear maker. This mastery is the area in which you need to focus the majority of your attention.

Allow yourself the opportunity to make the most of your talents, your mission, and your future. For more information on Blue Ocean Strategy, click here

Until next time.




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