The Conclusion


... but not the end.



Dear Maker,

Today marks the conclusion of our weekly A Maker’s Guide blog series. I have thoroughly enjoyed walking with you chapter by chapter in your journey. More than anything, I want you to know how proud I am of you! The endurance and discipline you have displayed led you through these uncharted hills and valleys with flying colors. Through it all, you have learned and grown by leaps and bounds. Even though there is and will always continue to be hard work and tough calls ahead, this road is also paved with great reward.

Leading this type life, one that chases after excellence, will always bring greater reward than a life of complacency. Never forget that as you chase your dream, you are bringing encouragement and provision to others as well. Some days more than others will leave you exhausted, it’s true. But the mission to pursue your dreams demands you fight for it! Never stop fighting for the joy found in pursuing your dreams dear maker.

I will continually check in on you and send updates your way through this blog. In the meantime, I highly recommend you connect with a mentor in your field, read every entrepreneur book you can get your hands on and never settle for status quo. Remember, you and your dreams deserve the best opportunities you can have. Go for big or go home!


Every word I have written to you I myself use every day. I write because I want you to succeed as well! We are all in this together. Each of us uncovering, pursuing and fighting for our dreams! No matter how big or how small you feel some days, know that hard work brings satisfaction unlike anything else. You have a great foundation dear maker...keep building upwards!

Every day is a new gift full of possibilities. Use what you have been given to the fullest. as you stay true to your calling--that which makes the most of your talents, gifts, passions & resources--you are making a difference in your world. Realize it or not, you are needed, dear maker. The world needs what you hold. The world needs impassioned doers and fighters who won't settle for any less but recognize there is much more to be had in this life.  

And in case you didn't already know... I am your biggest fan. 

Until next time.




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