Roll with the punches Pt. 2


The tides of change always come.

Every 2 to 10 years your competitive platform will experience a bell curve. As you grow and learn to navigate within these changes, you will become more and more familiar with the tides and what they demand. Such as, whether they can be ridden out or call for major change. This dear maker, is simply the way the market works. It would be much simpler if everything would just stay the same, right? You would think so, but in reality, change is much better for you than status quo.

When we are faced with change, we are forced to look at the areas of ourselves and our work practices that can be grown and therefore bettered. I’ve learned that forced change has given me the most valuable opportunities to build on the momentum I have worked so hard to achieve.

Every business idea, new or standing must be a solution to a problem. Our dreams can change just as frequently as the market, if we allow them to. Your dream is based on a fundamental mission--a conviction if you will. There are no limitations on how to dream, or ways in which you are allowed to set that mission into motion. Basically, you are the visionary, writer and executor of your mission and dreams. Dreams develop and change as we develop and change personally and professionally. The market shifts are sometimes just the force we need to propel us to put feet to our ideas!


Prepare for the seasons.

When you are at the top of your bell curve, sales are generally high. Although this seems like a sweet spot to be in, this is actually the time when you need to be looking ahead at impending change and inevitable downward slope. You remember what they say...what goes up, must come down!

A downward slope doesn’t mean you have failed dear maker, never think of it in such black and white failure or success terms. Any plateauing or sloping is an opportunity to reassess and move upward towards growth again. Think about the low stage of your market shift as the necessary winter to your impending spring and summer!

When faced with the question of growth, always start with researching your market. In any case of change, there is always a call to re-submit yourself to understanding what has changed and as such, what the market is demand.


Questions to ask yourself:

Where is the newest or impending need and what does that mean for you?

Where do you fit in?

Where can you step in and of need meeting service?


Grace for the future.

If I had one piece of advice I could give you on market shifts and bell curves it would be this: deal with everything head on. The biggest mistake I have seen is when business owners aren’t willing to take the necessary--sometimes extremely hard strides in surviving change. From the largest of companies to the smallest, change is always accompanied with hard decisions such as budget and team cuts. But think of the alternative, defeat is even harder to face dear maker. In fact, the grace in which you handle any decision is what makes any decision healthy and able to thrive.

Until next time.




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