Assess and Re-Assess Pt. 2


Hello Makers!

So glad we get to pick back up where we left off last week. As I look at my career I can see how one common thread is found woven into all the best experiences of my career: Focus. This simple, yet easy to overlook aspect of your journey has the power to make or break any endeavor. Whether you are looking to grow or just stay afloat for a season, the intentionality birthed from your focus will carry you to your goal. All of them. Everytime.  


I’ll say it a million times over: Policies are the evidence of the health of your leadership! In order to implement healthy policies however, you must first know what works for your team and what doesn’t. Take the time to sit down and evaluate your operation. Not just each year but, every week, every month and every quarter. Each new season brings a new cycle of change into your operational needs. For the weekly evaluations, simply take a step back and really focus on what is happening in your team and in your office or store. Be honest about the necessary changes you see sprouting up. By evaluating where your operation stands on a consistent basis, you are able to catch potential triggers before they become big problems.

If within your evaluations you find that something has really proven to work and has kept on working, write it into a company policy. Nothing is ever official until  it has been written down into a company policy. Eventually, you will find that the foundation of your company has been refined from the trial, evaluation and written policy process you have continually practiced.  


Stress Test Protection

While we each of us understands there is no way to know what the future holds and we certainly can’t expect to be able to control it, we have every opportunity to plan for an array of possible outcomes. That old wonderful saying: live as though you only have today, but plan like you have forever is as true for your business as it is the rest of your life. Living as though you only have today means you are living in the here and now. Whatever is in front of you today holds the greatest priority. But as much as that is true, always stay mindful and prepared for every possibility and unexpected the future might hold.  

In the face of adversity, in the throws of plenty--where does the health of your business, employees and operation stand? Having a solid plan for the future not only gives you a leg up in the face of adversity but a heading when you are on the cusp of powerful growth. Your finances, team members, and policies all speak volumes about the true health of what you have built. The minute you can look at plenty or loss alike and can say, “I know we can weather this”, you have done your job well. To a degree, the business of your dreams must aim to become self-sustaining. This is a practice in perfecting, but your team and your dream are worth long planned long-term prosperity!


Stop doing, Just focus

The mission of your dreams is always top-priority. But what happens when you begin to feel like you're losing yourself in a sea of business to-dos? Priority means it receives your focus and your best, but it doesn’t mean it gets every ounce of you. If you are doing your job right, opportunities will abound in front of you--continually. But this doesn’t mean you continually give yourself over to every single breeze that blows your way. Filter, dear maker, filter! The edit and focus rule applies to every part of your life, business and you guessed it, your personal life. What you set out to accomplish deserves attention, focus and your best, but so does your health and sanity. Filter out the nonsense---the distracting junk. Delegate where you can and dismiss what is not healthy or helpful. Your business needs to grow, but it needs you to be healthy even more. Be consistent in your work to rest ratio. You can still be consistent within your planning and goal reaching without depleting your sanity bank. There is only so much of you to go around.

If you find that you have allowed anything into your life and or business that doesn't align or assist your dream, edit it out dear maker! When stumbling blocks and distractions are allowed to become part of your life, you are basically feeding a parasite. The “unhelpful” always costs more than it gives back. As you examine your routines, the health of your business, policies and lifestyle ask yourself this question: Is this helping the mission of my dream? If not, you guessed it... sayonara! Division of health and attention will eventually lead to a weakened foundation, which will eventually lead to a crumbling foundation.

Dear maker, I can’t tell you how proud I am of your journey thus far. Look at where you are! Look at where you have come from. Look at where you are headed! This is a wonderful journey you are on and when taken to all it’s potential, your life is forever changed. You dear maker, are well on your way to doing just that!

Until next time.




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