Take Risks


On the road to growth, you will find there are countless ways you are being stretched. Sometimes you are ready to be stretched and you didn’t even know it.


In A Maker’s Guide, I tell the story of my first big leap into growth. After years of watching my business grow from a big idea to a bonafide brand actually being noticed, I knew there would come a time to either ride out the success or grow. In order to grow however, I would have to broaden my reach. After a few years of staying in the same place, I realized the time to take a risk had come. It was time to dream again!

Use the tools you have right now.


I researched the largest and most well-known distribution platform in my arena. If I was going to take a risk, I mind as well shoot for the stars. To make a long story short, within a few days, I found myself sitting with the buyer of the most influential luxury furniture distributor coming to a partnership agreement! Unbelievable, am I right dear maker? The moral of this story lies in my bold unwavering willingness to try. Had I not dreamed big, I would have never seen success. Had I not stepped out, I would have never known all that could have been.

What is your dream right now dear maker? What is your next big moment? Never sell yourself short. Always start at the top of your list first. You never know what opportunities are awaiting your boldness.


Believe it or not.


What “sold” my case that day was not what you might think. We often have this unattainable idea that success only comes when we are our best, flawless, most well-connected everything. It’s not so dear maker. As I sat down with someone who didn’t know me or my brand from any other mom and pop shop in the world, I knew my only true chance laid in my passion. I believed in what my company stood for, produced and could do so much that I sold my vision like my life depended on it. Why? Because it did.

Growth in this journey means survival. Either you grow or you fade. It will only be a matter of time before you face that decision yourself, dear maker. If you are a fire to be reckoned with, people will come just to watch you burn. That day, the projection of my future changed because my passion was made of one thing: uncompromising determination. Honestly, I wasn’t really going to take no for an answer anyway.


Believe. Just Believe.


For eighteen years that one yes took my business into a realm of success, fortune, and influence I hadn’t even known to aim for. I just knew that I believed in my mission so much that seeing it succeed actually became a conviction... and I trust my convictions dear maker. Believe in what you have worked for, sacrificed for and set out to do.  

Anytime I am about to make a big decision, I get nervous. For me though, I go back to the beginning to gain the confidence I need to push through. I remember that wonderful moment when I knew what I was here to do--what my mission had actually been all along.

Dear maker, know that fear will always be a part of your journey. It keeps you ready, agile and on your toes. The belief you have in your mission however, must always be stronger! Anchor yourself to your moment. Hold tight to what you know. Don’t fear what you don’t know yet, rather look at all risks as opportunities full of potential.

Take strength dear maker. Never stop moving and growing. As you continually step out, know that a closed door, flopped ideas and struggle do not equate to failure. Learning curves are always with us. They gift us with  the opportunity to become stronger, savvier and wiser! To learn from what didn't work



Thought for the road:

What bold moves can you take right now--right where you are? Whatever it is, know that I am cheering you on. Go for it dear maker. Opportunity awaits!!

Until next time.




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