Assess and Re-assess Pt. 1


Grow, and just keep on growing...

The road you have been treading thus far has entailed many ups, numerous unexpected surprises, and tough trials already. The road ahead will be no less amazing and no less unexpected. The good and the hard to swallow are all written in the DNA of your endeavors. The day you allowed yourself to dream again, is the day you opened a part of yourself up that I hope you can never close again. The course of your future has been forever changed and will continue to forever change and then change all over again.

Today we embark on the last leg of our journey together. This segment entitled, “The Road Ahead”, is full of little nuggets of wisdom from the best parts of me to the best parts of you. As your entrepreneurial companion, I want to leave you with as much insight from my own experiences as I can. These nuggets are for now and for the days to come.

Every step forward has been a step towards growth and therefore change. Yes, growth brings change. If you haven't learned this already, you will soon enough. The journey you are on with your dream demands you be ever-willing to grow, change, move, trust and stretch even the parts of you that you feel have already been too far stretched.



Never become too comfortable or too complacent dear maker. A lack of awareness of your needs will lead you right back to idleness or worse cause a stunt in growth.


The 60/40 rule.

As your business evolves, so will the demands of your team. You have and always will be the visionary of the big picture propelling your mission. The days as a facilitator will soon enough pass you by if they already haven’t. One rule I have learned in segmenting my energy and time out in a healthy way is  to schedule my work week around the 60/40 ratio.

I spend 60 percent of my day, and therefore my week, building my business and no more than 40 percent running it. This keeps me from working my way back into well...working, rather than running a business. After all that sacrifice and dedication, if you only work yourself to death instead of heading up a growing mission, you’ve only created yourself another job!


Team Members

Evolve. Just remember that word when taking each member’s role and responsibilities into consideration. Every new turn and every new phase will bring your team to a new level of responsibility, trust, and commitment. In my own experience, yearly assessments are a vital strength building tool. This communication exercise is a safe zone for you and your team to ask hard questions, examine satisfaction and truly listen to one another.

Every time anything within their job descriptions evolve--often at yearly assessment time--be certain to write every new part of the puzzle into their official job description. Review the entirety of the job and each demand, old and new, before they leave. Remind them that their role on your team is not limited to their listed tasks, but rather a parameter to grow within as a vital part your team! One tried and true way to grow in any environment is to abide in the willingness to go the extra mile without grumbling or expectations.

Next week we will pick back up and talk about how to grow your policies and protections. For now, I want to look at these current areas in your current team and work hours. What areas do you find need the most attention and is that a good thing or a cry for a better policy? Aim to strengthen your team and policies to be self-sustaining. Nothing is more rewarding than to see your hard work begin to work hard for you!


Grab a copy of A Makers Guide to read the full account of how I learned to navigate this exciting phase!


Until next time.




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