Who to Hire Pt. 2


If you can’t creatively dream as a team, your house is divided & won’t stand.


There is a rule of thumb I have in all of my interviews: watch all of my interviewees walk in and watch them walk out. How fast do they get to your door? How do they leave?

It may seem extreme, it may seem silly, but after years of observation I have learned to never hire someone who walks slow. This not meant to offend I assure dear makers. The idea is not to focus on pace or mode of transportation, but rather the focus and intention in which they come from their car and to your door. Do they arrive with an agenda? Do they seem driven, intentional? Do the arrive with excitement? Do they seem determined and focused as they interact you?

These are the people I hire. These are the team members that get work done. These are the people who see their days full of opportunities to be ceased. These are you gold star employees. Simply said, if they aren’t enthused over the potential to work alongside you, don’t expect the attitude to change after they are hired.


Team trust

When you conduct your interview, have the duties & position description written out in detail. Sit with them and walk through every duty, every case scenario in which the role demands that task to be fulfilled. Talk openly about your expectations from them & the role they are interviewing to fill. Talk openly about the culture of the office environment--especially the unspoken boundaries. Do you condone using allotted sick leave days for personal use? Is it frowned upon to chit chat during the work hours? What benefits, official or unofficial do you give your team members? These are the areas in which you and your team members will either connect or divide. It allows them to see whether the environment you have created is for them or not I think we all wish these areas were covered in the beginning of every type relationship--working or not.


Jump on in

Don’t be afraid to get a new team member involved in important tasks on their first day. If they are able to see how their role is vital to the daily mission, you will have gained a loyal member dedicated to your greater and even better, long-term mission. Every team member will eventually have some decision-making ability within their position. Their emotional quotient will determine where their responsibilities and power will be best applied. 

As you bring on more staff you might see that your charter members feel a certain amount of seniority. If not applied cordially, this ranking system often leads to entitlement; which can lead to poor relational interactions; which can lead to resentment. This just can not be so dear maker. Everyone is going to have to be willing to work together, learn from each other & appreciated each other. It all boils down to integrity. Like you have experienced, integrity is found & grown as we all experience the freedom of working within our giftings & passions. While seniority is very real, the role comes with the responsibility to mentor guide new members, not lord over them! It is in your best interest to establish this as a company policy and practice on the front end rather than have to backtrack. The culture of your team is the result of the environment you have established & nurtured. Remember that everything starts at the top and trickles down dear maker!


The whole gang

Your company  will eventually need people in a variety of positions. From taxes to sales, your team will be a melting pot of personalities, positions, and power levels. Some members will be full-time, some will only come in seasonally. Some will work part-time out of the office, some will be there to re-stock and prep only when the doors are closed. You name it, the modern workforce has it covered. Different & progressive is a good thing. It means you are looking at the big picture. You see & understand what your operation needs, what do your employees need and what work habits ensure all needs are being met easily, simply, without frills, fuss or stress! That is modern, that is progressive, that is where you will find your team!


For the road

These little nuggets I leave you are, of course, the personal insights & nuances I’ve found in my own hiring processes. Entrepreneur.com have a very helpful article that breaks apart the in’s & out’s of the legal side of tackling your first hire. If you need more of a legal breakdown check it out!  

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