Team Players Pt. 1


Everyone in?

As the owner and visionary of your dream, you have the power and influence to take your mission anywhere you please. Often times the ‘bringing others along’ is what creates stumbling blocks. As invaluable as your team is, the hurdles of personal agendas of a diverse grouping can be risky business.

Author and speaker Jim Collins shared invaluable insights in his business book Good to Great. For five years Jim and his team of researchers broke down the tactics and actions of the top eleven business on the fortune 500 list. The overwhelming common denominator amongst these top contenders was a focus on the WHO instead of the WHAT.

Jim displays his data in a bus analogy. You are the bus driver. You can turn, stop, reverse and go anywhere you chose. Before you are clear to take off, however, you must first ensure everyone is on the bus and in the right seat. As a leader, your job is to point your team members to their appropriate seat, but first, these members must commit themselves to the mission & heading of the bus! Dear maker, if you have members of your team who do not believe in the mission of your work, they don’t belong on the bus.

Miscommunication and Misplaced strengths

The two main causes of workplace or shall we say “bus” tension is rooted in misplaced focus. Either you as the leader haven’t laid out a clear path for your team or your team hasn’t fully joined on. In many cases, it’s a little of both mixed together to create workplace tension. No matter the root the remedy lies in a clear understanding and passion for the mission at hand. If you have members who do not believe in the significance of your mission it might be time for them to move on. You as the driver cannot depart until everyone is on, seated and buckled up!


The core of your mission should be clearly stated and obviously implemented in your workplace.


In my experience, the most palatable common ground in any relationship, especially the working kind, are found in everyone’s value drivers. Not everyone wants to run their own business, but most everyone does want to work in an area they find meaningful and fulfilling. Why can your mission become their mission too?

There's a great deal of people in the world who will gladly hop on your bus and find purpose in the mission of your dreams. Get these members on and in the right seat dear maker! In everything you do uphold your mission with integrity, a grateful attitude and willingness to see the good in everyone. Don't worry if you find someone isn’t exactly cut out for your bus. See their stop in your quarters as a chance for them to re-evaluate their own path. But for those members you do find are on the bus and ready to get to work, hold on to them tight and treat them well. Growing from good to great isn’t a luck of the draw. Intention, integrity, and focus is what drives this proverbial bus into the sunset!

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