Build Up Your Team


The collective genius of us all is what makes us great.


As hard as it can be to admit to ourselves some days, our team will be a constantly growing reflection of our leadership. A healthy operation starts at the top and trickles down into every step. This much is true for every facet of your life. When you take on team members or any other help, you are being freed up yes, but you are also taking on the wellbeing of those load bearing members. Building up a happy and healthy team comes to fruition just like every other facet of this journey: intention.

The employees you bring on need a great deal of verbal communication and even more affirmation. You as their leader are the voice of direction, peace, heading & gratification. You set the precedent of excellence, dedication, and integrity in the health of the mission. I like to look for opportunities to praise and boost my team on a daily basis.


Communicating with positivity is a key component of effective leadership.


Every operation has an in-house team and an extended team working outside of your in-house operation. Initially, your extended team makes up the larger portion of your operation, but as your company grows, this ratio will begin to swap ratios.

No matter the stage you are currently in, it is best to view every member as an imperative and valued element of your mission’s well-being. Vendors, suppliers, banks, photographers, IT support, and attorneys are all just as much a part of your team as your administrative assistant! In fact, these members will likely be the ones to walk alongside you all the way from idea to bonafide business entity. In some cases, they are your most trusted comrades. I recommend treating them as long-term assets!


Come together:

Every Monday we have a team meeting affectionately coined as our who, what when, where and how meetings. We go over the week's goals, responsibilities & event. We assign a team to each component. Who will be over what, how will they get there, when is the deadline, what are the expectations and why are we doing this? Often times as a leader, we are so excellence-driven within our own agendas, we often forget to bring our team along! Weekly connections like these are what make sure everyone is in on those crucial formative details from the ground up. Your staff is an extension of you, likewise, their wellbeing is not just a reflection of your leadership, but their work an extended arm moving towards your goals! 

Having employees is not easy. You almost have to go into every task prepared to dedicate pre-work at double the effort. But once you are in the habit of laying down a healthy, well-communicated, positively reinforced foundation, that prep-work becomes well worth the effort. You will always be stronger, better and go farther with a supportive community by your side. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, but remember any laborious road is going to be more fun with company. Without you team, your dream can’t expand.


Food for thought:

It is important, to be honest with your entire team about potential triggers that could upset the working environment. But just as much as honesty is key, so is positivity. Dear maker, never lose your cool with anyone on the team. Do yourself a favor and mindfully address any and all situations before they actually become "situations". Nothing will kill morale faster than harsh and negative criticism. The team helping you accomplish the mission of your dream must be a top priority.

The larger your company is, the more intuitive you will need to be about personality differences that can lead to upset or misunderstanding triggers. Every member has differing personalities as well as strengths. Get on everyone's level and speak their language. Have everyone working, growing and communicating within their strengths. Use those DICS assessment results in all of your favor! 

Party Budget:

Assign affordable monthly activities and events to your yearly calendar. Any out of the ordinary occurrence such as 'Potluck Friday', guest speakers or even sponsoring local events so that team members can attend for free are all morale-boosting investments. When your team is taken care of they are more likely to take care of the tasks they are being entrusted with!


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