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You and me, we're a team. 

A good while back, in those very beginning days of your journey, we discussed what it meant to account for every hour of every day. In a post entitled Daily Agenda, you tried your hand at the art of writing out your tasks. Each day’s worth of tasks allowed you to organize and theme your workload in such a way that nothing felt overwhelming, lost or confusing. Just as helpful as all those preparatory steps were for you dear maker, so are they for your team members!

You will always need a daily agenda to accomplish your mission, and likewise, so will your team!

When working in something as near and dear to your heart as your dream, it’s imperative every step be calculated and intentional. It only makes sense that the team you hire to execute your carefully written plan be on the same page! When I brought on my very first employee, back when Amy Howard at Home was still refinishing forgotten furniture, I made sure every task was written, clearly displayed and checked off once completed. It looked a  little something like this:

___ Turn on House Lights

___ Turn on workshop lights

___ Set air to 70

___ Turn on music

___ Open cash register and account for funds

___ Light candles

___ Open front door

      And so on…

I couldn’t help but believe that if the little details were accounted for just as clearly as the big details, those small tasks could remain small but necessary instead of small but deadly! Eventually I brought on sales members, stockists, showroom stagers and errand runners. Just like the members before them, there was always a checklist to be marked off.


Over the years, I have had team members who didn’t want a job description or a daily agenda for fear it would stifle their creativity. If you as the owner and CEO aren’t above following a daily agenda, no one on your team should be either dear maker!

The truth is, having a job description as well as a task sheet is quite freeing. Such efforts allow you the satisfaction of clearly laying out the expectations within your position and reaping the reward of a job well done once completed. Aristotle is quoted as saying, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit.” Most people have to hear something seven times in order to commit it to memory and perform it at least 21 times to form it into a new habit. You can tell yourself and your team they need to work hard, but unless you are all willing to create a habitual routine of excellence you are all doomed to forget.


One universally applicable approach to laying out a day’s worth of tasks is to, you guessed it, reverse engineer your way from the end to the beginning. Yes, the tried and true reverse engineering approach will always be my favorite piece of advice. Across the board, it is applicable and foolproof! Everyone involved on a project or big picture mission should have a clear goal in mind so that deadlines, task lists and checklists can be established as stepping stones toward the finish line. The daily strides and successes each member of your team experience will not only bolster the business of your mission but provide them with long term satisfaction on your team! Once your team experiences continued success in a process, go ahead and write that process into a company policy.  The processes that lead to a successful mission will then become concrete and lead to a healthy operation as a whole.



Nuggets for the road:

  • In your weekly team meetings, go over the 5 W’s. The who, what, when, where and why of every week ensures everyone is on the same page.
  • How could you plan your daily agenda is such a way that it complements your team’s daily agenda?
  • As you plan your own long-term mission, have each of your team members come alongside you in theming their own schedules to support a company-wide mission and agenda--one that compliments, intersects and supports everyone’s goals.

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