Start Dreaming Again Pt. 2


It's the growing pains that shed light on all your glorious strengths.

As you grow and bring in more income, you will be able to hire a person to oversee each area of your operation. Until then, you  have to be creative!


Last week we left off at “compose your organizational chart.” Though this tedious task might seem a bit mind numbing, your organizational chart will serve as an invaluable administrative tool as your business grows. With every hiring need, you have a checklist and plenty of data to back you up. You might not have the ability to hire every position right away, but when the time does come, there will be a plan already set in place to guide you along! No matter the stage of your business, always remember dear maker: Every person in your team, including you, needs to have their responsibilities clearly laid out.

This week I want to show you how that act of discipline was worth the effort. Until this point, you may have felt as though your calling was to make and sell as much product as you can in order to make your mission count. While that was true for your “start up” days, this phase is all about building your legacy. And what creates a legacy better than community, right?

When you closed your eyes last week, did you see yourself surrounded by team members, fulfilled and happy to be on board supporting you? I hope so. That is exactly what we are after.

What did you discover through the help of your organizational chart as being your number one need right now? Is it bookkeeping? Is it possible you need help with the personal side of the business, an assistant perhaps? It is possible you, along with many others, simply need someone to just “be there”. A friendly face to run errands, help customers on the sales floor, make customer calls, answer phones, help open or be there to close the shop.

Whatever your need, try to think outside the box with this first hire! Sometimes that first team member is not only the most memorable but the most loyal and longstanding employee you will ever have. Is there a way to save the budget by bringing someone on part-time or just weekends?

In the end, some of us just don’t know who to hire first. Our organizational chart is just screaming at us to do everything all at once. You and I both know this isn’t even an option for the biggest startups, let alone a small local business. In these cases, it’s is time to call in the professionals. A professional advisor can help you make sense of where to start first. For a small fee, those few hours with a support figure can make all the difference. Take advantage of these first stages dear maker. Your efforts are building a legacy and you are learning so much along the way! This is what excellence looks like.

The work you are doing right now is the important kind, not the temporary kind. In every stage of your business, you will be able to reference back to this time in your early days when you, in a sense, paid it forward to yourself and the health of your mission.  This work may seem very taxing and tedious, but the payoff was well worth it.


Thoughts for the week ahead:

Who are you planning to hire during this first year in business?

What “outside the box” tactics can you implement to make this goal a realistic and stress-free reality?

What impact will this first hire have on your mission?

In what ways are you mindfully building a legacy through your mission––not just a business.



Until next time.




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