You Are Your Brand



Your brand is what you stand for, the mission you want to get across, and who you are in the process.




There is a business truth I have continually held tight to over the years: Your clients will latch onto you before they ever latch onto what you are selling.

When you are passionate about your pursuits, people take notice. The drive to share your passion can be seen as a mission in and of itself. In order to make something of your dream, you must possess the unwavering drive to share the story of your mission with anyone who will listen. Your audience will take notice when you display your passion and as such will support and soon emulate that addictive fire.


What does it mean to inspire?

We’ve discussed before that when you step out as an entrepreneur, you step out as an influencer. Your clientele is your audience. They are waiting for something great to enter the market. They are wanting something to rely on. You are that answer dear maker. Pursuing your passion means a market need is being met and as such, sharing the heartbeat of your mission will inspire them to share your passion as their own.


How am I my brand?

Every choice you make in your lifestyle and your business alike will support your brand platform. When you think of Gerber, Apple or Amy Howard at Home what comes to mind? What about Nike, Disney or Google? The same way each of these brands induces concise familiarity upon mention, your brand should carry a clarity of mission. From your logo to your labels, from the music played in house to your decor choices--all elements you choose should point to the same direction...the curated representation of why you do what you do.

Brand association is a powerful thing in today’s market dear maker. Every choice must mindfully and purposefully draw your target audience in. The way you communicate to your clients displays the importance you place on them. The local and global events you attend or support speaks volumes about your associations. Even the typography you use in your digital and printed publications says something about your brand.

I know it can seem a bit of an overkill, but we all do it. Taking in every move a brand makes is what we as consumers utilize to make up our minds about what we buy into. It’s how we determine whether or not we desire to be a loyal patron of a company and if who they are, represents who we want to be.


Ask yourself these questions:


  1. What does your brand stand for?

  2. What have people said to you about what sets your brand apart?

  3. What steps can you take to share what sets your brand apart?

  4. Does your lifestyle support your brand and vise versa?


In order for someone to believe in what you sell them, you must be a person of integrity. Never underestimate the market's desire for something real and pure. Nowadays consumers want a real face attached to a real person behind a real brand. By being a trustworthy supplier, you represent a trustworthy product and therefore a trustworthy mission to believe in. Dear Maker, your mission is what inspires your brand, your brand is what inspires clientele loyalty and your brand is YOU. 

You are a beautiful thing dear maker. By pursuing your dreams you have stepped out in strength, virtue and excellence. Each of us is at our best when we allow peple to see the pureness of our real selves. Take my encouragement to heart and show the world what you got!


Until next time,




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