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Never underestimate the power of a writing everything down.


Just hearing the word Discipline can make some of the most capable visionaries shudder. Creatives are often victims to their own busy minds. Hopping from one thought or task to the next, whenever the mood strikes, is just a way of life for many artists. Staying true to your creative process doesn’t mean you have to completely throw organized living out the window either.

If you are one of the many who wake up with no written plan to guide you along your day, you are likely living amongst the aimless in more ways than you realize.

What does it mean to live every day with intention?

Living with intention is utilizing every day in the conscious understanding that today--and all that it holds--is a gift. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring and for good reason. Worrying over 24 hours, one hour at a time, is enough for you and I both. Plan, hope, and dream as though you have no time limits, but live like you only have today! 

The secret to your success can be found in your daily agenda. Likewise, the guarantee of your failure is in the absence of one.  
- A Makers Guide p.52


The first thing I do before I start my workday and the last thing I do before it ends: my written agenda.


Remember how powerful it was to see your daily steps laid out in front of you? How eye-opening was it to recall your life with a tangible and detailed account?

Accounting for your day before the hours have been used up is the proactive approach to reversing the "buyers remorse" we have all been plagued with after too many wasted hours have passed. Dear maker, if you aren’t consciously choosing your steps, your steps are choosing for you. 

When you plan out your day, nothing falls through the cracks, not even your downtime is deemed wasteful. Work, family, that mile long project list...it’s all accounted for! 




Where to start?
Write a to-do list. Everyday. 


Everything that needs to be accomplished for the day should be on your list. Business, personal, big and small. Generally, your responsibilities will fall into three categories: People, places, and priorities. 

Hour by hour, begin to place your tasks into appropriate time slots. Start with your most creatively demanding tasks first. Studies have shown that our brain function peaks in those first hours after waking.

For the remainder of your hour bank, simply place a task where it makes the most sense. Place the more mindless tasks when you are around others. Allow your hyper-focus hours to be spent on the tasks only you can do.  If there are tasks, that would better fit into a different day's agenda, move it! Never be afraid to be choosy with your agenda. I like to call this practice:  edit and focus.

My number one rule:

Every day should start with personal time. You may choose to journal, read, meditate, pray or study. No matter how you utilize this alone time, it should and will become your well of character and stamina. You will be able to tackle the rest of your day through the strength found in this time.

Insider thoughts:
Breakfast, coffee, exercise can all be scheduled in and around this sacred morning routine.
Don't be afraid to maximize each and every hour of your day.

Dear maker, if you aren’t consciously choosing your steps, your steps are choosing for you, and I can almost guarantee your goals aren’t being met. You might have since been known for being late, forgetful or scatterbrained; this is the very influence-killing baggage it's time to shed. The discipline your journey is built on is built on how you spend your time. Every single gifted hour.

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