Committed, Pt. 1

The Tunnel And The Light

What if, after all these years, the difference between your successes and your failures lies within your decision to stay committed to your journey?

Not matter if you are a painter, a potter, a blogger or a store owner, I believe that at the heart of our dreams is the desire to succeed—to be someone who makes a difference. Although you probably have acknowledged your talents and passions since you were very young, not many of you would say your gifts are exactly where you want them to be, or ever thought they would be.

Every professional road endures bumps, gear shifts, and short cuts that end up unfolding into long treks. That ever elusive “light at the end of the tunnel” just keeps moving farther and farther away. What if you have been chasing your dream of success so fiercely, that you never realized you were chasing the wrong end of the tunnel?  

To fully understand the effect complacency has your perception of personal achievement, you first have to recommit your time and efforts to your passions. 

A key aspect of your happiness, perceived or actualized, will always be directly linked to the amount of time spent utilizing your strengths and passions. All these years spent wondering where you went wrong, or why you haven’t been more successful, may not be tied to the fact that you chose poorly, but rather that you have been dabbling here and there to find your perfect fit. Instead, shape yourself to perfectly fit your purpose. 

In other words: 


You know your dream…


You’ve spelled out your purpose


...YOU are the next piece of the project. 


My dream has always been to provide my customers with beautifully rare and one-of-a-kind luxury furnishings. Throughout the life of my business, however, there have been innumerable changes that have resurfaced the face of what I actually do. If you were to take a peek at the “Amy Howard Timeline”, you might think I am living out an entirely different purpose, when compared to how I started out. In actuality, my dream has not only remained the same, but it has evolved into a clear, more refined version. Not only have I been able to build and refinish glorious furnishings, but now I provide my customers with the same professional products and processes I used for all those years. Today, I have the privilege of teaching other creatives how to use the products and create brand-new furniture designs so they too, can make a living. My dream has been fulfilled in more satisfying ways than I could have ever imagined!

You may be familiar with the fact that in his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell tells us that it takes roughly 10,000 hours of education, practice and implementation to experience authority and excellence in your field of study. Mozart, The Beatles--you name it. Natural talent, nor luck, had anything to do with the level of mastery his research subjects had achieved. 

The lack of dedication to the “no matter what” aspects of your dream will be a direct detriment to your ability to achieve excellence in your field. 


Are you all in?


I believe the only way I have kept up my endurance after all these years has been my focus on the broad picture, rather than squinting at every hurdle in front of me.

What would it look like if you decided to jump into your journey for the long haul? The kind of commitment that says, “No matter the terrain, I know the bottom of my purpose-ladder feels a whole lot better than the top of someone else's.” If I can encourage you in any way, dear maker, it would be to ask you to stay committed to your journey. If there needs to be changes, shifts or U-turns, let’s call it “part of the adventure”, rather than a mistake

No story ever really ends. No passion ever really dies. No life truly lived was ever wasted. Everything you are working to set in motion will directly influence, impact and inspire the customers, team members and generations of followers that are soon to come!


Until next time.




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