Time Management Pt. 2


The plan is in the planning.


Last week, I left you with a mighty task. Documenting your daily comings and goings is a big undertaking. Doing so every 15 minutes, for three days, is a feat born only in determination! I want to commend you, dear maker! My hope is that you have gained not only insight but enlightenment after seeing the results from your challenge!

Our creative energy is a very sensitive part of us. The creations we make are precious. We hand ourselves over to our deepest inclinations, convictions, and passions in our private creative process.

When the best of us is being used up in that infamous tornado of monotony, stress, and fruitlessness, we are left wasted, tired and wondering where the best parts of ourselves have gone.

“I believe the answer to your lack of results, thus far, is found in the choices you make every minute.” - pg. 48 A Maker’s Guide


I, Of course,  don’t know what your results were, but if you are anything like most of us, you have been spending way too much of your time in front of the television, on social media or even possibly “thinking” about all of the amazing things you are going to accomplish.

It’s not that you are a terribly wasteful person dear maker. No, you are just like the rest of us. Prone to wander where the unbeneficial things are found. Drawn to the easy, entertaining, unchallenging parts of life. And really you are altogether lost without a reliable plan to guide you.

The answer to any of our shortcomings is almost always centered in a lack of guidance. Like a traveler who was never handed their map, aimlessness will soon take over.

Do the hardest things first.

For as long as I can remember, I have started my day with at least 45 minutes of quiet time. Just me, my thoughts, my prayers, and my journal. Why? If I don’t make myself do it first thing, it will NEVER get done. Not just that day, but ever. When you are running a company, you will inevitably be busier than anyone ever imagined possible. It is crucial that you, first and foremost, maintain a healthy you. Mind, body, and spirit.


Lace your time management with passion.

I am passionate about all things art history, interior design, textural and timeless. What keeps me going, even through the daunting task of expense reports, is that I am centered in the why of it. "Why am I doing this?" Your answer and propellant should always be, "Because it’s centered around my passion!"



Though “taking your time” or "working out the kinks" can seem like a natural progression toward planning and order, "taking time", might actually end up in wasting certain amounts of irreplaceable time. Too much of our free time is spent browsing the internet, social media, candy crush saga and the like. When you spend your best time on something that isn’t beneficial, it should be considered wasteful. It order to guard against waste, make a list of your top priorities--Work and personal. Some need to be accomplished while others can be segmented into weekly, monthly and yearly focuses. No matter where in your life these priorities fall, make sure your have allotted appropriate focus time for each before you head over to the mindless tasks. That way candy crush is now considered “downtime” rather than the monster that ate your best hours!


The most promising opportunities can be seized in your singular steps.


Time management is rooted in accounting for everything & ensuring everything is worthy of being accounted for. I make sure to schedule out my work & play times. Time to push myself harder that before & times to rest & enjoy what I’ve been given. Once you understand that your time and health are not only vital to your success but a precious gift, you start looking at your tasks a lot different.


And remember, don’t try to be perfect too soon. This is a journey, dear maker. One step at a time.

Until next time,



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