Time Management Pt. 1

Today we are starting a brand new phase in our blog series! Now is the perfect time to look at the practical implementation of your daily efforts in a way you might have never tried before!


What is the value of managing your minutes?

Time management has been a part of all of our lives since we were first entrusted to complete even the smallest of tasks on our own. Homework, tests, getting to one place from another, just getting out the door on time...all of these seemingly menial tasks are a part of your personal time management. Planning out how long it will take you to do something and then implementing the appropriate choices to get there, has been a huge step into maturing your lifestyle. If you can look far enough into the future to see that you will inevitable have to choose very specific steps in order to get to your desired destination, you have successfully stepped into the land of time management my friends!

Time management sounds like such a dauntingly painful task when the only thing you are yearning for is freedom of choice. When you are already cluttered with responsibilities as it is, the last thing we want is another “how-to tutorial” to focus on, right? Believe it or not, the secret to living in freedom of choice is actually hidden in your time management. The clutter that is holding your time hostage is exactly where you have to begin.

As the sole chooser of your daily tasks, you are the top executive in charge of your future. Yes! In these beginning days, you are your very own CEO, CFO, COO, CRO and so on. You make the calls, you make the cuts & you keep this machine running. Managing your time is simply another avenue of managing your choices. When you see that the 4:30 appointment with your client falls directly in the wake of afternoon traffic, you make the choice to allow for extra time. When you see that you need to take a certification class in order to be licensed in your state, you sacrifice those few evenings to make it one step closer to your dream. When you see that your evening routine is using up those few precious ounces of creativity you have left...you turn off the TV, shut down your internet & work on your passion. These might not seem to be easy choices, but they are simple ones. The choice to empower and invoke character in your entrepreneurial journey should be a no brainer.  

Secret of Success

Most people could not keep the schedule I hold these days. Traveling, television appearances, teaching workshops, book signings and team meetings all take place during my week--including weekends. I didn’t leap into this high-capacity schedule all at once though.  I want this to be a personal testament to the fact that it took a lot of practice! I have lived most of my life choosing my own path, my own tasks and my own focuses. Why? How? I started living this lifestyle years ago when I chose to make room for my most precious priorities: my passion and my peace.

15 minute challenge

15 minute challenges are taking workout routines by storm. Everywhere you look there is a different type of challenge someone wants to pack into 15 minutes of your day. My approach is quite different however. Instead of packing something beneficial into a short amount of your day, I would like to challenge you to take a closer look at what you are already packing in...every 15 minutes, for 3 days. Yes, yes, I know...writing something down every 15 min seems like a tremendous undertaking, but really it only takes a few minutes out of your day and the results are life changing.


The challenge is simple. Grab a pen and notepad. Every 15 minutes write down what you do. Just a brief account. Simple as that.

Your notes might look something like this:

6:30 make coffee & breakfast

-45 read news app, check Instagram

7:00  lookup museum schedule

-15 check facebook, finish coffee

-30 pick out clothes, iron

8:00 watch news

-15 get dressed, finish hair

-30 pick out clothes, iron, finish hair

-45 get dressed, shoes, grab work bag

9:00 leave for meeting

-15 drive/radio

-30 drive/radio, arrive

-45 prep spreadsheet, break room, check email

10:00 check facebook

-15 work

-30 work

-45 shop online

11:00 emails

-15 work, talk with colleague

-30 work, bathroom, talk with colleague

-45 reorganize desk clutter

12:00 leave for lunch...


I recommend setting a timer on your phone for extra support. At the end of three days and no sooner, look at your results. The account will send your mind spinning, but not to worry! Next week we will break apart your results and see where to go next.

It's always going to be a temptation to say we don't have the time we need to complete the tasks ahead of us, but these are the excuses that will keep you from your dream. So many talented beings stay in the miserable positions they despise just because they have succumb to the belief that their time isn't theirs to choose what to make of it. Don't buy into that lie dear maker.

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