Committed, Pt. 2

Lace Up Your Running Shoes


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Have you ever come to the end of a busy day, and you know that it’s time to close your eyes, shut off your mind, and re-charge for the night— but instead…you just can’t shake the feeling there was so much more that you wanted to do? 

Maybe, just as those feelings rush in, you think of how you want to be doing what only you know you can do, but you just can’t seem to figure out where to start?

Loving your gifts is as natural as breathing, but what is the key to undoing the stronghold that keeps you from a deeper pursuit of your gifts?

Last week, we underlined the importance of committing to the Long Haul. This week, we need to talk about where to go next. 

Let’s talk about fear. 



I have found that the only, ugly thing that stands between you and what you love is fear. There is a gallery of fears that comes along with your dearly-held dream. Fear is the reason that you have kept your dreams hidden all these years. 

The fears that plague most of us seemed to be masked by practicality. They make so much sense, don’t they? You know, the, Oh I don’t have enough money to start, or, I really need to take my time and gain some experience before I start putting myself out there. This kind of talk covers up our procrastination with a blanket of logic. 

When we love something as dearly as we do our dreams, it is always easier to hide, rather than live vulnerably. Think of your dream as your new baby. You want to protect this precious part of who you are, to shield it from judgement, misinterpretation, or maybe even rejection and failure. Though vulnerability can be one of the hardest things you will (continually) walk through, you have to allow your efforts the exposure they need in order to grow.

“The fear of living a lie has to be bigger than the fear of falling on your face.” -- "Committed", A Maker's Guide, pg. 40)

Commitment brings results, dear maker. In fact, it may be the only thing that you have been missing thus far. But vows and promises only mean so much without action. Real commitment--the kind we are talking about--is actualized by your choices. What is your dream worth to you? Hours, money, sweat, and prioritizing is the gasoline for your journey in commitment. This is what the road will look like from here on out, dear maker. 





Before you start thinking this is all too much, let’s break this down a little bit differently to help you realize that this is actually the freedom you have been looking for. These choices don’t have to be to “lose-lose”, or really even as hard as you might be imagining. The types of choices I am talking about are the ones you want to make, but maybe you’ve been too hesitant and fearful to make thus far. I’m talking about choices like the one between a few hours of work versus watching TV. Maybe choosing to spend your vacation time attending a conference, instead of going to the beach, for the 11th year in a row? What if you saved all of your eating-out money for a month to make the first equipment purchase towards your work? 

Albert Einstein defined insanity as, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Now, most of us would never call ourselves insane, but Einstein was right...something has to give if you ever want to see real change, dear maker! Maybe this go’round, instead of living life status-quo, stay committed to what it takes, in order to see the results you are so hungry for. You might be comfortable in your lifestyle, but if it’s not encompassing your purpose, it’s not life-giving. See, that is freeing, now isn’t it?! Why lay awake at night, wishing you could be doing so much more, when the solid rest you crave is rooted in the peace of working hard toward your passion? 

There might be a few fumbles and falls here and there, dear maker. You might even get a few uncomfortable looks or questions from those who just can’t understand your passions. But in the long run, your fervency and your fire will inspire them in a way you or they can’t explain. You setting aside the time and efforts this journey requires already sets you apart from most dreamers. 


It’s what we all want, we just need to give ourselves that running start. Lace up your shoes and go!


Questions for your road:

  1. What does it look like--right now-- for you to practically live committed to the work of your dream?
  2. What forward steps will your commitment take?
  3. Most of us creatives have been “dabblers” our entire lives. Never landing anywhere will cheat us out of seeing the gold of our potential. How will you know when you've "arrived"?


Until next time,




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