Gifting + Passion = Purpose Pt. 2


Transparency is attractive. It allows you to live and interact authentically with everyone around you. But without understanding and embracing who you are, you can’t live transparently.”  —Excerpt from “Who You Are” - A Maker’s Guide



Surprisingly, part of our human maturation process is to actually develop new and refined personality attributes throughout our entire lives. In fact, while you were still absorbing your surroundings, not yet tempted to conform to peer pressure, your brain was developing the last ounces of individuality that make you one-of-a-kind. reveals that our personalities are not developed fully until 7 years of age, and even then, they will continue to evolve and change throughout the course of our experiences. Though we manifest our core personality traits throughout our most valuable years, a great many of us simply don’t understand why we are the way we are.

Living free means understanding that while your weaknesses need to be cultivated, your STRENGTHS are the life-line to your integrity.

It’s a perplexing reality that during some point of our lives, although we are perfectly individual, most of us will threaten to buy into the belief that we should conform ourselves into someone else’s likeness. 

If you don't live freely as yourself, who is going to do it for you? There is only one person who can live out your purpose...You! Who you are is who you were intended to be. If you are living to blend in the crowd, or conform to a mass version of perfection—you are chasing a lie. 




In my first blog post, I asked you to take a free, abbreviated version of the DISC Personality Assessment.

Do you remember your results? 

Were they eye opening? 

Last week, we talked discussed how that when your gifts and passions are acknowledged, and they are defined in great detail, your individual purpose begins to reveal itself.

Do you have your written answers from last week?

Have you shared them with anyone?

Gather your results and lay them out in front of you. This is where all of those very specific answers come together, dear maker! Are you excited? 

You see, when you bump your purpose up next to your personality type, you are looking at a beautiful picture of how your purpose lives in the world, with sharper detail than ever before. 



Here is an example of how I was able to see straight into my purpose AND where it could fit into the world:

According to the DISC, my core personality strengths are Dominance and Influence. Plainly put, I can make decisions easily, take charge, and charismatically share the deep-rooted beliefs that drive me to do what I do! 

As I mentioned last week, my gifting and passion involves creating, using historic artistic influence, and providing people with the furniture and designs they couldn’t otherwise attain! 

My purpose revealed itself to be designing, building and refinishing one-of-a-kind furniture, and my personality strengths showed me in what context it fit the best….owning my own business to help others Craft A Beautiful Life™

As a natural leader and charismatic communicator, my best bet was to spearhead my own endeavors. I would never fit into a corporate box, I needed freedom to explore my talents, the ability to take my designs wherever necessary and simply put, be my own boss.


Please answer for yourself the questions below! My friend and editor of A Maker’s Guide, Tarra Kruzan, answered the sample questions to help give you an additional example in this process. I believe the process that helped me uncover my purpose and place will help each of you responsibly appreciate your individual calling as well! 


1.) What DISC personality types are you?

     My personality is categorized as first, Influencer, and second, Dominant. 


2.) What are 5 great attributes of your personality?

     Though like many others, it has taken me a while to truly appreciate what makes me, ME, I now see that my personality traits can be very valuable when dedicated to greater good. I am very sensitive to others feelings, needs and pain. I desire for others to see their own value and worth above others’ approval. I have the ability to thoughtfully make really big and tough decisions without it plaguing me, and likewise, when necessary, I have the ability to keep a calm head in emergencies. And lastly, I translate my deep rooted beliefs and emotions into inspiring words or stories. I’m learning!


3.) What are five great tasks you excel at given your personality strengths?

     I excel at public speaking, writing, hosting, counseling and organization


4.) Which personality areas of yours could be matured or sharpened? 

     Follow-through would have to be at the top of my list! As a creative extrovert, my head is always full of new ideas and vision, but I rarely discipline myself to keep the schedule or the prioritizing it takes to develop my ideas into reality. I am notorious for being late, changing my mind, passing over details...all because I should be more intentional about giving my creative thoughts appropriate attention so there is room left for that forgotten, but all too necessary, practical focus!


Next week, we will explore the many different ways your DISC and Gifting + Passion = Purpose results not only help guide you throughout inevitable changes, but those around you! 


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