Who Are You? Pt. 2

Today we are talking more about who you are, and ultimately, where you fit!


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Searching for a place to “belong” is a story as old as the story of humanity. There is a part of each of us, no matter the decade, no matter the age that asks, “Is this where I fit best?” If you’re miserable in your work life, you aren’t where you need to be, and you are certainly not doing what you were made to do. How do I know? You weren’t designed to be miserable! You have been equipped with a very sensitive compass, your “true north” if you will, is precariously flustered when you are headed “south”. Our compasses can become foggy and hard to read in the face of insurmountable pressures to succeed, but it’s always there -- tugging and pulling at you to reroute.

As I’m sure you know, today’s “purpose searching” is met by a number of extremely helpful personality and career insight tools. As much as a dreamer as I confess to be, I am just as practically minded when it comes time to take action. We can dream of an ideal landing place, but in order to get there, you needs practical tools for the journey! Personally, the DISC assessment has laid out every area, personally and professionally, I needed to have revealed for my personality type. When I find something love, I stick with it, so here we go!


When you took your DISC assessment, my hope is that you answered openly and honestly according to your natural rhythms and inclinations, NOT according your idealistic version of yourself. While we will, and rightfully should, be pushing ourselves further towards growth and refinement, there has to be a time in your life when you become downright honest with yourself about who you truly are…

who you have always been. 

My hope is that if you haven’t already experienced this, now is your time. 


You see, dear maker, the road to your dreams can feel a lot like having to go backwards at first, but those steps are what make the path ahead authentically beautiful. 



Your DISC results will be comprised of 2 of the 4 areas you tested strongest:


You place emphasis on accomplishing results and the bottom line. You are confident, a born leader. You are action oriented, gauge success with results and accomplishments. Though your direct and decisive communication style is necessary to get the job done, you can sometime come across as harsh, domineering or demanding. Go ahead and mark “in charge” as one of your landing spots!



You place emphasis on your ability to influence and persuade others. You are open-minded in all of your personal and work relationships. Your ability to not only thrive in a team atmosphere, but constantly boost morale, as well as your inspirational advice, proves that you are best suited to be center of attention. Your desire to always keep things interesting may lead to impulsive decisions. Since keeping your focus can be your greatest need, it’s best to place yourself under appropriate accountability. Your words and spirit have the capability to cast hope on any negative environment!



You place emphasis is on cooperation, following protocol and systematic in everything you do. You communicate sincerely with others and expect to receive it in return. You are dependable, detail-oriented, analytical and demand accuracy in not just your results, but everyone’s. You are designed for management! But watch out that you don’t become too caught up in the details of your project demands and lose sight of the big picture goal or your efforts towards excellence get squashed by a condescending tone in the face of human error. You have the ability to stand by a mission like no other!



You places emphasis on the quality and amicable standing of those around you. While you are accurate, competent and pursue excellence in your work, you aren’t willing to run over anyone to achieve the goal. Your focus on ensuring those around you have a healthy, democratic, stable and safe environment to work in makes you the perfect candidate for leadership, and management for employees. Watch out that you aren’t too patient or sensitive to others feelings that you and your mission get pushed to the backseat. Stay sincere and modest, you are naturally attracting followers you never knew you had. 

Next week, we will continue to dissect how and where your personality type best fits into which career path or position, but I want you to think on these thoughts first: 


Each and every one of us provides an integral part to making this world rich and whole. Not one of us is more important, more desirable or better than another. Every one of us is needed!


Focus on your strengths, dear maker. Degrading yourself or others will only destroy the hope we have found! As you carry on in your week with your newfound understanding, know that this stage of your journey is not just about self discovery. More that that, it’s about finding from where your lifeline to integrity flows. 

Acknowledging your strengths is one thing. Walking in the honesty of HOW you are implementing these strengths is an entirely different arena of your dream. 

Without integrity, all of these words become selfish fuel for your race to the top of that notorious “Me, Mine, and Me-first” mountain. We don’t need anymore of these members of our society—that’s for certain. The rat-race to the top is old news. Your audience is waiting for something much different. Your purpose should unlock your convictions in order to serve your market with honesty, integrity and virtue. THAT is what this journey is all about. 


Next week, we will talk about the community you are desperate for—you just don’t know it!

You won’t always be able to make this journey alone. There will come a time when your dream requires you bring others along to support you. In contrast (or compliment, rather) to your personality and gifting, where do you need help? In what area are you weakest? What personality type and gifting would be the ideal fit to come alongside your journey for a spell? Be on the lookout, dear maker...constantly. 


Until next time, dear maker.