Who Are You?

Dare to dream 

As a full grown adult, nothing can feel quite as vulnerable as acknowledging your dream. Nothing can fulfill you more, and, ironically, nothing can scare you more. 


For most of us, our dreams have been tucked away for a very long time. 


For some of us, we might even say are dreams are long-forgotten


But just because something has been long covered up, it doesn't mean it deserves to be hidden—we simply haven’t yet found a way to bring it to the light!


It’s a disheartening fact that 70% of Americans hate their jobs*. That statistic shows what settling looks like. 


When you outgrow dreaming, you outgrow valuing that part of you that is invaluable: your individuality. 



Anytime we suppress a part of ourselves, we become miserable. 


What’s more, anytime you feel as though you have to hide a part of yourself from someone, you begin to lose trust in that person. 


Dear maker, one of the best pieces of advice I can give you in this journey is to trust yourself enough to acknowledge who you are as a creative individual, and never allow that to be hidden again.


But where on earth could my dream fit into my life now?


Dreaming as an adult means dreaming on a practical level, as much as a visionary level. As children, our dreams consisted of big picture successes piggy-backed on the most prodigious adventures our mind could conjure. The sky was the limit, and the details of how to get there—pshhhhh! What details?!.


As an adult, however, when you dream of your future, your plans automatically consist of the big questions: 


“How will I ever get there?”


“How much will it cost?” 


“What if I fail?”


Start up expenses, budget planning, market share as well as continuing education and training will all too soon have a place in this journey. But for now, we are still dreaming… 


Acknowledging your dream is one thing, but valuing it so that you don’t find yourself burying it again is an entirely different level in your entrepreneurial growth. 


Think of it this way, when you realize your dream is not only a part of who you are, but who you have always been, you are convinced this part of your individuality is not just inescapable, it’s more than likely one of the key factors that make you, YOU!


Close your eyes and ask yourself thesequestions: 


1) What fulfilled me more than anything when you were a child?


2) What are my fondest most fulfilled memories as an adolescent?


3) What are you doing when you are happiest as an adult? 


4) What work has fulfilled you more than any other?



You see, dear maker, you are still that same person. You have always held the same arena of passions and talents. Over the years they have just grown up and taken on new forms as you’ve grown. 


This stage of your journey is about going back to your first love. 


“Every man is worth just as much as the things he busies himself with.”
-- Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

You were born with everything you need to be fulfilled as an adult because you were made to be the person you have always been. Nothing fulfills us like working in our passions: unhidden, uncompromised, and ever-evolving. 


This week, I want you to begin to rebuild trust in yourself and your dreams. The worth you saw in yourself as an optimistic child is the same worth you deserve today. It’s never too late to work in your passion and pursue fulfillment in your work. Chasing a dream is about believing in your purpose so much so that upholding it becomes a conviction. It’s time to believe in your dreams.


Stay tuned:

Next week we will talk about how your gifting and passions reveal your current purpose, and how finding out what your market needs will reveal where your dream fits into your life and the competitive landscape right now.


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