Dare To Dream






When was a time in your life when you truly believed you were headed straight into a life of adventure?

When dreams blossomed in the folds of your brain while you swung from the monkey-bars? 

You lost track of all time, nose-deep in a good book? 

You looked longingly out of a classroom window while a teacher buzzed on? 

For most of us, we shed childlike faith in our dreams about the time we outgrew our superhero costumes.


We all age. But what is it about growing older that our ears are tickled with a voice that says, You are no longer allowed to dream? What weight of adulthood carries such a severe penalty that dreaming—a natural part of human nature—must be banished? 



Is it fear? 


Or do we just get in the bustle of our busy day-to-days, letting our groove run into a rut? 


As adults, we know all too well that there is a time for everything under the sun. A time to play. A time to work. A time to reflect. A time for rest and of course, a time for change





No matter in which stage of life you find yourself, there is still room your future plans and dreams. 



Publishing magnate Malcolm Forbes said, “When you cease to dream, you cease to live.” We might define “dreaming” as meditating on the wonder of all that could be.

In other words... when we dream, we hope. Hope moves us forward. It keeps us going. Those summer vacations when you were a child, or even a relaxing Friday at the end of a drawn-out work week--hope is the engine of the soul.


“When you cease to dream, you cease to live.” — Malcolm Forbes


So I want you to ask yourself this question:


Where does dreaming fit into my life?


Please, dear maker, do not regret anything in your rearview. The past years of your life were not lived in vain. Every waypoint and destination you traveled birthed new skills, knowledge, and perspective. But even more, your heart grasped tighter and tighter to what you were made to do. You tried to hush that small voice, cornering your passions to “hobby” status. But as you matured, you have probably found that your dreams matured as well. Adulthood has its perks. When combined with your values, your dreams sag with gravity, helping them to grow earthbound. As we grow upwardly mobile, we also become more empathetic of others and more able to give actual aid to those around us. You have probably heard the good news of generous companies like TOMS Shoes, and Warby Parker. TOMS Shoes, for every pair of shoes bought, donates a pair of shoes to a child in a developing nation. The eyeglass frame manufacturer, Warby Parker, gives to the world in a similar way with a "buy-a-pair-give-a-pair" program. 


Our swiftly tilting world is constantly evolving and growing. Your adult dreams—unique to you—are decorated with all of the ways you could make a difference to people’s needs. Companies like TOMS and Warby Parker have bridled the lightening-speed communication and planet-spanning logistics to not only develop cost-effective and attractive products, but also give actual help to those with need. Amy Howard Home is not just about furniture finish products, but educating and inspiring others to Craft a Beautiful Life™. Amy Howard Home missions to come alongside to men and women and show them how to create homes that are winsome, inspired, and full to the brim with heart. 


So I want to pose to you two questions: 

What is your dream?

and the second,


Where is the meeting place between your dream and the world’s felt need?


Now is not the time to get bogged down in the details--in all of the creeping weedy thoughts that say, "But!! That would never work because…"


Simply take a few minutes and relax (and this is essential!) and write down those golden things that are burrowed in your heart. Maybe write them in a journal, a private blog, email to a spouse, or even in the comments below!


Writing down your dream has a lovely and potent effect. Somehow, writing it down gives wings to your dreams, a giddy self-exposure to those things we have stuffed down so long ago.

The next step is a little bit harder. Where do you have the most compassion? We all want "world-peace", but maybe we can narrow it down. Think about Warby Parker's vision for eyeglass-access in the Third World. Maybe you need not look any further than next door. Our neighbors even need us, right where we are. Whatever kind of brainstorm you have, write it down. Take heart, dear maker, and I'll see you next week!


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