About the Book

While writing a book for makers has been a dream of mine for quite some time, I knew that in order for it to be everything I envisioned, I needed a team. A writer to bring my words to life, a designer to create graceful visual pauses and a photographer to capture the essence of my messages. But to simply partner with other creative people wouldn’t be enough. I needed my dream to become their dream – I needed kindred spirits.

God gave an opportunity for the dream of writing to be birthed in Tarra Kruzan. Countless hours of stories and instruction were shared – sometimes with laughter and others with tears. She truly dreamed with me as we wrote and rewrote the roadmap of A Maker’s Guide. I fell in love with her spirit and desire to do everything with excellence! 

Candace Joseph is a gifted graphic design artist whose eye for detail, composition and ability to serve as art director has truly been a gift. She took thousands of words and images and brought them to a cohesive visual masterpiece. Her drive, professionalism and ever-willing heart constantly inspires me.

Annabella Charles is an award winning photographer that sees the world in picture form. Her infectious love for life and those around her is displayed in every image she captures. Her attention to detail and a deep connection to her projects has made it a sheer delight to work together. 

The collaboration I have experienced with these incredibly gifted women, has been nothing short of a miraculous provision from heaven. Working with world class people, who know their gifts and are willing to focus on one goal, can be life changing. I know it was for me. Thank you Tarra, Candace and Annabella for being three amazing women whom I have grown to love. I take pride in being your maker mom.

About the Author

Amy Howard, owner of the Amy Howard at Home lifestyle line, has continually refined her affinities for timeless artisanship her entire life. At the beginning of 1991, Amy and Gene Howard launched their luxury furniture business, Amy Howard Collection. With their one-of-a-kind refinished vintage rescues and handmade couture furnishings, the Amy Howard name was set apart as an authority in interior design.

Come 2012, after three decades of making luxurious home furnishings, Amy and Gene utilized their curated expertise to create a fully encompassed line of professional grade artisan products. The mission to rescue, restore and redecorate has since brought hope to like-minded creatives by teaching the weekend hobbyist how to become a self-supporting business owner. Her experience as a successful entrepreneur and her willingness to share her lifetime of knowledge, has brought her career to an inspiring crescendo. Today, Amy Howard is partnering with the artisan community on a journey to craft a beautiful life and build a legacy.